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Construction Management

We manage every stage of the construction process. From design and pre-construction through to closeout and post construction including warranty periods. We love being involved early as it enables us to better understand your project, substantially benefiting all parties by saving time and money. We guarantee to go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the highest quality project both on a practical and personal level.


Whether we pick up where the design team left off or join them during the conceptual stage, we can offer preliminary construction budgets, project schedules and provide valuable input to ensure a realistic perspective and quality project are the result. We have the experience, professionalism, skill set and attitude to make every project a success for all parties involved.


It takes passion, guts and knowledge to be a respected top tier construction company. Lucky for us, we have it all. We share your need for solid, ethical, streamlined and coherent project management. This makes us the premier choice for your next project. RCS would be honored to partner with you.

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